A Few Simple Simplified Questions ;)

There are quite a few little things I've noticed in reading the material provided in the simplified manual, and I was wondering about them..

First, when does O blend with L to make it an L with a little sideways hook on the left end? Does it also blend with R?

When writing -sn as an ending, I find it's less ambiguous to use the left comma s, but in the manual they always use the right comma s instead. Anyone have any idea why this is?

When using the midword w stroke (in words like twice, quite, etc) is it angled more like an n or a t? I've seen both and as I'm paranoid about readability, I'd like to know what to shoot for :P

Finally, also regarding the midword w stroke, would I use it in words that are compounds like 'age-wise' and spell it a-jay-long A(w stroke underneath)-s, or spell it like it was two words attached and do a-jay-w-long A-s?

Thanks 8) I'm really enjoying shorthand more now that I've gotten over my stigma against word-outlines and've adapted the affixes and brief forms I've learned. 

(by erik for everyone)

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