Gregg Shorthand Lives On

Hi all:  

I found this site by chance and find it very interesting, as it is an effort to keep shorthand alive, and that is a good thing.  Myself, I write Anniversary, with some shortcuts taken from pre-aniversary days (especially the tr- rule, which it's a time saver for me).  I learned shorthand on my own while I was in high school, with the aid of my aunt, who was a legal secretary.  I use it in my daily work (I'm a scientist), so it's fun to make notes from meetings in shorthand and have people wonder when you read back your notes, hehe.   Are there any other anniversary writers here?

Also, I have as a pet project to build a shorthand website, but I'm not so sure as to what is the best way to input Gregg characters into the PC.  I know I can scan my notes, but I was wondering if one of those pen devices is a good idea for writing.  My fear is that if I use a pen/tablet, the strokes will look jagged and thick (try writing shorthand on a Palm Pilot -- not a pretty sight).  Any ideas as to how to do this?