Medical / legal / reporting

I just joined this group, and I'm very excited about it. It's great to see a site devoted to Gregg, especially in a day when utility for shorthand is generally seen as waning.
I taught myself shorthand in 6th grade when I came across my mother's shorthand books from business school. I learned the 1949 Simplified version. The summer before I started medical school, I picked up medical shorthand, which I really enjoyed and used to treat advantage. More recently, I've picked up legal shorthand, which isn't a lot of extra forms; and I picked up congressional reporting even more recently than that. Reporting is a whole new world of abbreviations and phrasing, and I've really liked these enhancements to the basic system. I've been using Clyde Blanchard's book Expert Shorthand and the pamphlet Most-Used Congressional Phrases.
I've always found reading Gregg to be relaxing and soothing after a long day. I can't explain this, but it has been true for many years.
Anyway, I look forward to participation in the group.

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