Anniversary vs. Simplified - The Great Debate

Anniversary and Simplified have been identified as the two Gregg editions suitable for court reporting speeds. But the question remains: Is Anniversary's speed advantage worth the higher memory load?

Like most novices, I wanted to find out before committing to either edition. Marc Semler responded that numerous court reporters used Simplified before machine stenography took over. But others maintained there is no substitute for Anniversary when it comes to literary matter and other rapid speech. (I switched to Anniversary just to be safe.)
The introduction of Louis A. Leslie's functional method books states that Anniversary shorthand writers have been clocked at upwards of 200 words per minute. Chuck's shorthand comparison guide notes that both Anniversary and Simplified are considered "fast," but only Anniversary has a words per minute figure listed. Is anyone aware of any test results of Simplified writers?
Anniversary's memory load consists of 300+ brief forms and as many special forms as you care to memorize. Simplified reduced the count drastically. Note that 50% of running English consists of 69 words, and 25% consists of the first 10 words in this list. How many are briefs forms in YOUR shorthand edition?
the, of, and, to, a, in, that, it, is, I, for, be, was, as, you, with, he, on, have, by, not, at, this, are, we, his, but, they, all, or, which, will, from, had, has, one, our, an, been, no, their, there, were, so, my, if, me, what, would, who, when, him, them, her, your, any, more, now, its, time, up, do, out, can, than, only, she, made, us

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