Pen and pad

msn-nathanlarson32767 wrote on Sep 29, '04

I started writing my first shorthand today and noticed a couple things:
(1) This takes a lot precision because a mistake in proportion can change what I'm writing into a different word or sound. So, I am having to write slowly due to my inexperience.
(2) I am getting writer's cramp after a page or two.
I'm using ballpoint pens on a steno pad, and finding that (probably because of how slow I'm writing) unless I push hard the ink stops flowing. Hence the writer's cramp.
 I tried ripping a page off the pad and, using the desk as a support, found it was little easier to write. However, except when I'm practicing at home, I'm usually not going to have a desk to write at. And, I am still having the problem of the pen drying out.
Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?
Are fountain pens any better?

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