Errors in Anniversary Manual

The first printing of the Anniversary Manual (1929) was delayed and had numerous errors.  For that reason, a second printing with revisions was made.  Unfortunately, if you buy the Manual from E-bay, there is no way to tell from the date whether you have the original first printing, or a subsequent printing (unless you buy the 1942 printing version, which is clearly stated).  However, if you have this manual, you would be able to tell whether you have the first printed version.  If you turn to page 14 (paragraph 29), the outline for the word "where" should also say "aware".  If it does not, you have the original printing.

I'm including in the documents section an article from the Gregg Writer (May 1930), which lists all of the errors in the original printing of the Anniversary Manual.  The name of the file is "publishing-errors-anniv-manual.pdf".  So if you have that first printed version, make sure that you make the corrections.
The website has the "error-free" version of the manual.

(by Carlos for everyone)

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