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Hi, all.

I moved some of my books around over the weekend and uncovered some things I'd forgotten about.
One is a little booklet published in 1909, "Practical Drills in Shorthand Penmanship" by George S. McClure. It's about the size and format of a 3X5 index card, bound in black cover stock.  The preface says that the "drills given in this book first appeared in the Gregg Writer five years ago", so around 1904. 
It starts out with four pages of "Helpful Suggestions."  For example:  "If you wished to walk faster you would not ask how; if you wished to talk more rapidly you would not ask for instructions; you would simply loosen up.  And so in shorthand, the way to write fast is to write fast.  Do not smile, that is just what I mean."
There's a 2-page spread on "The Correct Position" with photographs of a young man writing shorthand both seated and standing.  Then the book moves into penmanship drills that are very much like the old Palmer penmanship handwriting drills--repetitive ovals, motions, loops, etc. 
It's worth watching for this little gem if it ever comes up on e-bay.
As far as sharing a document like this--it's 64 pages, so it would mean 32 2-page scans for me.  I'm assuming one needs special software to make a multi-page file. (I don't have Adobe Acrobat, only the free Reader).   I agree that the individual scans are a "clunky" way to upload documents.  Any suggestions about how to simplify the process?  Is there a better format than .pdf files?  If there's no simple solution, I can probably scan and upload this booklet in November, when I take out the other files I uploaded. 

(by alex for everyone)

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