Which Gregg have I learnt?

Hi.  I've just joined this group, and I'm Jonathan.  I live in the Sheffield, UK, and teach music for a living.  The 'cello is my main instrument.
When my Grandma died years ago, we cleared out her flat and I came across my Grandad's Gregg Shorthand book, and was intrigued.  That's how I came to discover Gregg.
This book says on the front, Gregg Shorthand, Part 1.  It's a pocket size, grey hardback, arranged into 8 lessons, with 53 paragraphs.  There's about 200 brief forms in total.
I have two questions.  Firstly, there is no year of publication in this book, so I'm wondering if anyone knows which version of Gregg I've learned.
Secondly, everything in Part 1 seems to let me write absolutely anything in Gregg, so I'm wondering what's in Part 2.
Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

(by jonnycello for everyone)