Anything goes?!?

Anything goes in here? This's my section! And I'm the first! (Assuming noone snuck anything in while I'm typing this) So I was just wondering...if telephone wires could talk...what kindof things do you think they'd say? I mean, they sit there all day, often carrying dozens (hundreds?) of conversations at any given time through their subwires...would they be embarraced by our vocal interactions with each other? Would they be impressed? Would they speak in a very affected manner like some people do on the phone? Would they always yell even though you're standing right there like too many people do on the phone? Would they be able to understand the bits and bytes and mouthfuls of data sent through their veins as the words of the internet? And if you think they ever wished they could commit suicide to keep some people from defiling their minds with the things some people do online? Would they be impressed by others use of it? Do you think that they'd have an accurate view of what being a modern human is like? They'd only know what was talked about over their wires and viewed via themselves on the internet...and maybe even have a static visual of the rural street they overlooked...and that's it. Would they be able to "experience" human consciousness as we're able to "experience" what it's like to "be a bat" in our imaginations? Would it be accurate? Would they know more than the average human or less? In sheer mountains of knowledge it seems they'd be far superior to the average human, but it would be a skewed cross section of what comprises the whole of most human's knowledge...some things you just can't find on the internet...only old fashioned books have them...and sometimes books don't have them and it comes only through interaction with oneself, nature, and other humans (as though humans weren't a part of nature...) which really gets my dander up..."all natural ingredients"...what're you talking about?!?!? Of course it's natural!! Where else would the ingredients come from?! Everything you see around you's natural! Just like bees and ants are "natural"...and noone would dare say there's something unnatural about a beehive or anthill or beaver dam...humans are natural, and there's nothing unnatural about freeways, and skyscrapers, and cars, and boats, and biohazardous waste, and the internet's branchings of nearly conscious-seeming noumenons!! It would only be unnatural to NOT have these things at THIS time in time...because they are the product of the world taking its course over the years, and whether you believe it's set by fate, God, god, nature, chance, or doesn't even exist except as the fantasy-esk milieu of your "brain in a vat" (by the doesn't matter WHAT you is correct, the others aren't. Sure you CAN believe whatever you want...and it may be "true" that you believe that, and I believe this, but I'm sorry...if you believe that seperate, opposing external metaphysical "truths" BECOME truths for you and me because I believe this and you believe gosh...if that's what you claim, then "I believe that you don't believe that...and that you also don't exist...and you don't know you don't exist to think you do exist to negate my beliefs...and I believe all this quite objectivly and as an intensly, intrusivly, in-your-face (if you, who don't exist, had a face) truism." *sticks out tongue*...and in the words of Socrates (roughly translated...) "Screw you!") Anyways...whatever IS, is the only IS that can be as it is currently itself...and thus natural as a cause of natural occurances within nature! Certainly a second ago, a month ago, a year ago there's the POSSIBILITY that determinism has no hold on the world and what is COULD have had the possibility of being different in the past's future that is now...but that doesn't matter because CURRENTLY, the now is set. (and don't claim "soft determinism"...all that means is that you want to be "cool and chic like the determinists" and still hold onto your cloaked view of classical freewill and random chance...and you can't be cool like THAT!! lololol!! HA! You may say "but what about quantum blah blah blah...random...blah blah...quantum...compatibilism...blah blah...I'm a little whiny grouser...blah blah...*insert nescient "philosophical" embarracments*...muah!" you honestly believe that that "randomness" and "unpredictability" are random and unpredictable? Maybe un-predict-able - in the face - of our able *sings it*...lolol!! he he...but certainly not random if you were a creature with an intradimensional or staticly extradimensional physical body (and I don't mean Star Trek cheeze...sorry if you watch Star Trek or Star Wars or Star's cheeze : ) but you're still ok!) I mean REAL in the 10 dimensions that the world "really has" that we know of thus far. (Yes yes...your mommy was's been long known that the world most likely has 10 dimensions, not the 4 you's the 3 space dimensions, one time dimension, and 6 other space dimensions that have actually been measured in their diameter!! But they're so small and wrapped up in each other that we can't percieve them! It's like wrapping paper...just imagine that you roll it REALLY tightly and you've just made a 2 dimensional square into a one dimensional's still a 2 dimensional object (in 3 dimensions of space) but you could stick little creatures on there that're just as small as the roll, and they'd have nothing to believe but that they were one dimensional creatures and living on a line if it's small enough! Anyways, that randomness isn't random...just unpredictable from our limited point of view. Which brings me to the long and the short of it: if you were a tree, what kindof a tree would you be? A happy tree or a sad tree?

Go take an asprin.

(by psetus for everyone)