Books, Books, Books!! What've You Been Seeding Your Mind With Lately?!

So here...during a time that would be much better spent working on Greggory, I'm coming up with topics for discussion! (Don't's still underway! I'm currently reworking a more compartmentalized OOP implimentation so I can incorperate the outline rendering in many different portions of any program easily...for those nerds that understood that...NERDS I're NERDS!!) lengthy, wordy, loquacious, indefatigable, superfluous, redundant, needless, useless intros or explainations required...(poor you alls...missing out this time soooo badly!!)

Well...I recently finished Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz. I don't normally read much modern writing, but I force myself to give it a go on occasion just to stay hip and cool and in and up to snuff on the goings about of the 20-21st centuries...and my pretentiousness is normally disappointed while my mind is entertained at least mildly more times than not. (My vanity is rewarded by such disappointments as Dan Brown though...although "fun"...the plot of Angels and Demons was enough to kill yourself over) Mr. Murder was quite exciting, and kept a good pace throughout. The characters, although often clichéd, were engrossing and deep enough to draw you into their lives quite vividly. (Except the children...Mr. Koontz needs to take a seminar on writing kids...or give it up straightway.) And, except for the cute kids and the afterthought of "big unnamed, scarry organization," was a solid, fun, entertaining...uh...entertainment! Big ol' 9.75/13 for this one! (Yes...that's 9 and three fourths out of 13 what?!?)
I'm currently reading Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil...I read the first chapter...then thought about it some...and I'm thinking about reading Thus Spake Zarathustra first...from what I've heard about it, it's kindof what he wanted to say, and did say first...but due to its lack of popular support, he wrote Beyond to send out to the masses as an easier, more orthodox read. (If Nietzsche could ever be concidered orthodox in his time...or ours for that matter!) So I don't know...input? Should I just go ahead with Beyond (which after reading only the intro and first chapter (extended intro) is already pushing a 12/13 stars!! But we'll see as the book unfolds) or should I prime and fuel with TSZ as a "purer," more Nietzsche-esce undertaking? Undertaking...undertaking?!? is nothing but my pleasure...and I can barely stand the waiting...please somebody reply! I want to continue my reading! Don't make me stand undecided for so long!!
On a lighter note...I'm also reading the Gregg Simplified manual, and have been working quite assiduously through it the past week, and making some lovely progress! (Of course...I've been slaking in learning German because of rotating queue of fun can only be so long and maintain its lively coltishness! UT

(by psetus for everyone)