So what does everyone DO?!?

So what's everyone do for a living? Just curious...I know we have a few students, database analysis whatever-ers, who knows what all!

Anyways, I'm in the Army, unfortunately...but fortunatly I'm stationed in Germany! So I'm learning the language of course...just about to start venturing forth and attempt avoiding asking if they speak english at the beginning of every conversation! In the Army, I'm an electrician basically. When a rocket or missle system's computers break down, they send them into me...and I'll find what's wrong and fix the circuit cards, wiring, whatever's broken. Then I'll rake leaves and mop hallways on the side (it's the Army! What did you expect?!) My "other" job is online poker : ) Which is always far I'm up $300 this month!
So yup...I actually have to go to work right now (the Army one : ) I'll cut it short. Take care!

(by psetus for everyone)