Dupraw's note size transcription

Working on English Gregg Shorthand, I did the transcription of Dupraw's note size article, here it goes:  (Correct it for me please)

Each writer must set his own size for his shorthand
writing.  Whatever size seems right to you is probably
the best size for you.  One skillful
shorthand reporter writes 500 words of shorthand on a
ordinary notebook page; another writes only 50 words
on a similar page. Neither extreme
is recommended.  If you naturally find yours,
writing very large notes or very small
notes you need not be concerned about the size of the notes.
If you write whatever size of shorthand notes seems
to be natural for you the size will have little
or no efect on your speed.  If you try constantly
to write notes larger or smaller than
you would naturally write, you may find that the attempt
to change the size of the notes ???? the
development of the speed.
Osvaldo Castro

(by valo1969 for everyone)