Greggory Demo!

Yes I felt like showing Greggory around a bit; he was feeling all cooped up and lonely. Like I kindof fell behind because I had to redo it almost from the ground up, so that I could have it nice and well-object-oriented so it's simple to impliment it in various situations. That meant I FIRST had to make a new font editor to account for the huge changes in the code. most of the "hard" part's there's just the mundane part...filling in the rest of the font data. I have to go through and make 16 angle variations for every looped vowel, add the U stroke, TM, GENT, H, W, and a few others. If you'll notice that the F looks different in "aft" and "for" (as opposed to "avery" and "very"...see how the "head's cut off" the F)...yeah...I have to go through and make all the variations like that for every head and tail of all the curves like F, G, L, etc.

So once I get done plodding through all that, I can start working on actually getting this to work in a usable program...good things are on the horizon for it, barring my death. For those who don't remember from the last post about it long time ago, it'll be a longhand to shorthand convertor that can be used like a word editor to write your own shorthand, or convert your favorite story into'll also have useful learning tools like "list makers" and such to help study and drill!
So what it DOES have thus far is some basic outline generation (with abundant faults...I know...I know) It has a few brief forms (for, is, he, I, and have just to show it's working) and (what I believe) is an innovative font format that allows for breaking the strokes down into sections and having each section represent its own variation based on what's around it...(it makes it easy for me...believe me : )
Anyways, enjoy the 2 seconds of joy it'll bring into your life until you get really bored with it. More updates to follow when I can get to a point where the vast majority of words are written properly...till then...I'm going to's LATE and I'm only going to get about 3.5 hours of sleep! (This is what programming does to you...)
Oh...almost! It's in the documents section...Greggory You need to right click "save as" it. It tried to load it in a window left clicking it for me. Then extract the files into a folder (you need every one in the same folder...or else bad things!! ooooogy booogy booogy!!)

(by psetus for everyone)