i need help please!

i feel funny for asking but i need some gregg shorthand translated for me. heres the story someone gave me my wifes diary from a few years ago she threw out but this person grabbed it and told me she wrote sections in shorthand to keep them secret! the kicker is this person told me my wife has cheated on me and wrote about in the diary! i kept the book but shrugged it off because i found out the girl liked me and i couldn,t end a marriage on here say and didn't trust her. the new kicker is she just came back from an out of state wedding and i found her emailing a guy she meet at the wedding and the emails suggest she did screw around. she says nothing happened but he told me otherwise and said she said she was divoriced and told him she has done this before . she insists nothing happaned but for my sake and my two children i have to now the truth so we can get help to save our marriage! if she made a mistake i need to hear the truth or how can i trust her again? i made copies of the pages and paragraphs if some could translate this you'd be taking a load off my mind because i'm confused and don't know who to believe. if anyone could do this i would appreciate it , please let me know and thank you

(by unholymurph for everyone)