New member (repost)

Just a quick hello from Cambridge (the original one, in England, not the other one). I'm Kevin and I write for a living - mostly business copy, online and off. Like most people on this list (it seems to me) I'm fascinated by language. I speak fluent French, fluent-ish Italian, and have picked up bits of Afrikaans, Zulu and other languages as I've lived here and there. I've also dabbled with VBA, but feared falling into that programming black hole that Tyler alluded to in his late-night post. So I stopped.
But I ramble. I first discovered Gregg when, as a kid, I stumbled on my mother's books. Wow. All those squiggles and lines. I used to scribble on pieces of paper and ask her 'Does this mean anything?' And she'd tell me if I'd managed by chance to write something meaningful. Or she'd humour me and make something up.
I grew up in Ireland, by the way, where Gregg was (back then) still alive and flourishing. I think it's because Gregg was Irish that it took hold there. Here in the UK, it's virtually unknown. My mother and both her sisters were Gregg speed freaks in the 50s and 60s. And my mother was my father's secretary. I guess he said 'take a letter, Miss O'Dwyer' and one thing led to another.
Anyway, to make a long story truly endless, I taught myself some Simplified Gregg, but never really used it. A couple of years ago, I bought the Simplified manual and (sort of) started again. But I thought there was nobody out there to play with. Now I know there is. Perhaps I'll resume my studies.
I thought it might be a good idea to create a fuller profile, but when I went to the page, it just showed my email address. No location, personal details or anything else. Not sure why that is. And I have a great photo just waiting to upload. Boo hoo.
Anyway, that's me. I really must dash and do some work...

(by kevinwal for everyone)