Taquigrafía Gregg en español

Hi people:

I'm a new member of this wonderful group.
My name is Osvaldo Castro, I live in Iquique (Chile - South America) and I have learned shorthand (almost) by myself.
I can write Pitman and Gregg shorthand (I haven't decided yet what system to use).
First, I learned with a Series 90 book, because there were plenty of them in bookstores.
Two years ago, I began to look for shorthand books, and I found in some fleas markets this:  one book of Simplified Gregg Shorthand in English, the same version in Spanish, and a dictionary (with 11.000 entries) of Gregg words based on the shorthand system printed in 1923 (I guess it could be the Anniversary version).  Later, I got a Diamond Jubilee book and a manual for doing shorthand classes.
In these days, I'm trying to improve my speed and to build a site about Spanish shorthand.
Congratulation for this group, and Merry Christmas for everyone!
Osvaldo Castro G.
a.k.a. SIROE

(by valo1969 for everyone)

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