29 June 2004

gregg decal3

gregg decal3 gregg decal3 (Originally posted by johnsapp)  

21 June 2004

The Art of Gregg

I have come accross a few articles online about Gregg used as art.  What an interesting paradox!  A writing system specifically designed f...

The Best System

Which system is the best?  I know some of you are fluent in several.  I bet you think the best system is the one you learned first.  Maybe...

17 June 2004

open seal3

open seal3 open seal3 (Originally posted by johnsapp)  

10 June 2004

open seal2

open seal2 open seal2 (Originally posted by johnsapp)  

09 June 2004

Center Ruled Pads

Why is the verticle line on steno pads in the center of the page?  Should I write in two columns? (Originally posted by johnsapp)   ...