29 November 2004

Comma Question

In my Simplified manual, why are all the commas printed typeface, instead of written in by hand?  Is it that commas are supposed to be omi...


Does anyone know something about accordions? (by johnsapp for everyone)  

Books, Books, Books!! What've You Been Seeding Your Mind With Lately?!

So here...during a time that would be much better spent working on Greggory, I'm coming up with topics for discussion! (Don't worr...

Share Your Gregg Inventions and Contrivances

Ok. Here's something I think will be fun, informative, and helpful to most of us. It's not only good discipline and virtue, bu...

22 November 2004

75 Strong

Congratulations PuppyLovePuppyLove, 75th member! *** 75 *** (by johnsapp for everyone)