30 December 2004

Repair old shorthand book

I have a 1930 gregg shorthand book.  It was very used when I bought it from a second hand store and now it's more used (which is proba...

28 December 2004

Fundamental Drills

Does this outline transcribe into "maynot" ? ( by abroadgregglearner for everyone)

27 December 2004

Anniversary vs. Simplified

Gang, I'm still new to the world of Gregg (hence the moniker), and am in the midst of learning the basics. On the Shorthand^{3} site, th...

24 December 2004

German shorthand

Has anyone seen any books for taking German-language shorthand? Brian ( by bjb29407 for everyone)  

French Gregg Shorthand

Greetings everybody!  Does anyone know where I can find a book on Gregg shorthand adapted to French ?  I've tried myself to a...

23 December 2004


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Dupraw's note size transcription

Working on English Gregg Shorthand, I did the transcription of Dupraw's note size article, here it goes:  (Correct it for me please) ...