Bending the Rules

Hello Everyone,

I like to pretty much stick "by the book" when using shorthand; I'm hesitant to create my own shorthand strokes or to bend the rules that Gregg has set forth.  However, I have been thinking for a long time about the symbols for the "y" sound, which vary, of course, depending upon which Gregg version you are using. 
To me, the Gregg symbol for "ia," as in "piano" and "create," would be ideal for expressing the "yuh" sound of the "y."  It would also work for other letters, such as the "yuh" sound in "union."  Currently, the standard way of writing "union" in shorthand is simply "long u (the "e" circle plus the "u" hook)"; "n," "u on its side," then "n."  This completely omits the "yuh" sound in the word "union."
What does anyone or everyone think of using the "ia" symbol (the A circle with a dot inside) to represent the "yuh" sound?  To me, it's much easier than the flattened "A" circle for "ya" and the flattened "e" circle for "ye."  I seem never to be able to pen those symbols accurately. 
Any comments?
Hope all is well with everyone.  I've been fortunate enough to be on extended vacation in Ireland; sorry I've been so silent lately, especially since I'm a relatively new member.  I really like this group and hope to participate extensively.
NipperSnick1 (Steve)

(by nippersnick1 for everyone)