Chat Room!!

People people people...tsk tsk tsk...I'm very dissappointed! We have an entire section of our group going 100% unused as far as I can tell! What, with all this technology, and our plan to take over the world with shorthand, *cough* I mean...control the world with shorthand...AUGH! I mean...spread...shorthand...throughout...the world...that's it. (You don't think the "normals" caught on do you guys? Almost blew it there...but what a sweet save! You gotta give me that! Give it up! Yeah!) With all this...we're not even excersizing our full potential (yeah yeah...misppelt...don't whine...don't complain...don't mess with me...I write Gregg!! (Or was that an invitation for a beat down?)) Oh crap...ok, no more stupid humour! I'm gonna be in the chat room more often, waiting for anyone to come on in and partake of a chinwagging or colloquy with me...whatever level of formality suites your taste!

Oh crap!! So I'm listening to my Depeche Mode playlist and You Spin Me Right Round just popped on!! Holy crap I'm shakin my booty! I hope my chair can take the abuse! So I gotta go get up and wave my arms like a maniac and dance like a fiend!'s over...I think I'll pop in some Christian Death (Rozz Williams only of course) and do the aforementioned dance, but with a little more sobriety and solemnity...and I'll look at my feet the whole time and try and look as depressed as I mirrors the depths of my dark soul...*tries to hold a solemn face...breaks into a huge smile* Oh well...I'll still dance!
So in review...the only coherent thing I said was: Go to the chatroom!! I'LL BE THERE!! (I think I'll go back and make bold all coherent things I wrote to help you make notes and study...ok that kindof broke down at the glad I didn't wind up bolding the whole thing!!)
./[Sir Non Sequitur]

(by psetus for everyone)