As you all know since December 2004, I've been teaching myself  (DJS) shorthand. Well, here's what happened to me today.
I decided to head to the library to reserve a book but before I left my home, on a piece of scrap paper I wrote  in shorthand the title of the book  "How  (the word "how" was the only word written in longthand) To Get The Best From Your Children"  by Jo Frost.
 Once in the library, I asked the librarian for one of those book reserve cards. While I was reaching for a pen, the librarian ( I guess she didn't hear me ask for the reserve card) took the scrap of paper from where it was laid. She had such a funny and perplixed look on her face. Once I stopped giggling, I told her that the title was written in shorthand and could she just hand me one of those library book reserve card. 

(by taaliba2 for everyone)