Greetings All!

Well! Up to about two to three years ago, I had searched the Web for anything Gregg and came up with nada, except for some book offerings on eBay and Amazon. Was thinking of starting up my own web site for it but: A) didn't have a good scanner and B) life was too busy for me to do an honest job with the site. [Have had experience setting up several business sites for others, in the past, so it wasn't lack of experience -- just didn't have the time to do the maint.]

Anyway, it was a slow day for me today, so with nothing much on my mind to Google, I decided on "Gregg Shorthand" and YIKES! Man, was I taken aback. And it's wonderful ... even a site with sound files to practice with at various speeds and disciplines (all dutifully now copied to a CD for practice anytime, anywhere)!

So, just a tad of history: Mother and Dad knew shorthand. Dad not so much, but made various notes. Mom had formal training from high school and various business colleges. I remember practicing "The Palmer Method" for handwriting, and a little bit of Gregg, as a kid. But I didn't seriously get into Gregg until, oh, about 20 years ago. Via books, I've studied the Simplified and the System 90 (I believe it is ... haven't dug it out for awhile LOL). Mainly use the Simplified because I can still find the book. The other book (black cover, gold lettering) is still packed away in some nook, I expect.

I don't take dictation -- but it was not my intent to. I wanted to utilize the art to make my life easier taking notes, etc. However, I do find myself, oftentimes when I hear something on the radio, or mentioned by someone, taking notes in GSH, and sometimes using a combination of longhand abbreviations. (I'm a ham radio operator and love to use CW - Morse code, and that uses a lot of abbreviations.)

OK enough of me. Good to have found a group that shares my interests. I'm not an expert, and I don't have a lot of time to spend on the msg board, but I'll be sure to check in, and I've got the digests coming to my e-mail.

So, good to be here, and I'll continue reading and exploring all the wonderful things you have here, and other places I've found on the Web.

All the best ... John ... Simi Valley, CA

(by john__93063 for everyone)