How big?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there's an ideal size for Gregg. In my Simplified manual, it's all quite small, but perhaps that's because they needed to fit more in and scaled it down. I find it difficult to write that small, so mine's a bit bigger.
I know Gregg doesn't need  lines, but is it a good idea to use the lines as a guide (so a J always takes up all the space between the lines, but a CH goes only halfway etc.)?
Same question goes for vowels. I can imagine a situation where I look at somebody else's shorthand and see 'ale' (a l) where they intended 'ear' or 'were' (e r). Admittedly, I'd have to see it in isolation to make this mistake, I suppose - if I saw it as part of a larger block, I might work out that this person wrote 'big'.
So I suppose my question is this: does the size of the strokes matter in relation only to each other, or is there an absolute standard?

(by kevinwal for everyone)