Just H-e-l-o

I thought I would introduce myself.  I've joined a month or so ago (maybe more?) and have been reading the messages. 
I use Gregg shorthand at work almost everyday.  I love it and am amazed that I rarely find another person who knows shorthand.  I learned it in high school from 1980-1982.  I do believe that it is a dying art.  I've offered to teach it at my local vo-tech school, but haven't had enough insterested students to make a class yet.
I think my love of shorthand comes from a passion for learning languages.  I believe shorthand is a language in itself.  I also speak a little spanish and german and I am currently in an interpreter's training program for American Sign Language (second semester). 
My shorthand also comes in handy for sign language class. 
Just wanted to say hello and that I have enjoy reading your messages.  :)

(by tinabumbelina for everyone)