New member, err, student. ;)

Hi everyone. My name is Ken. I live in Hamilton, Montana and I just joined your group today. I've an interest in Gregg shorthand as I majored in journalism at the U of Oregon years ago and have worked as a reporter, editor and news editor in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Montana.
My  shorthand is self-taught from three books that I've carried about since '84. A 1955 copy of "Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, Second Edition,"  the 1955 "Student's Transcript" for the Manual and a 1951 edition of "Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified, a Dictionary of 30,000 authoritative Gregg shorthand outlines" edited by John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie and Charles E. Zoubek.
So I was happy to find this site today and come across all the documents and links to check out.
Hummmmmm, who knows. Maybe my shorthand will improve now. ;)
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