O hook

Hi fellows!
I'm working on improving my speed, almost 105 wpm in Spanish, counting word by word...
I'm using the exercise called "Gamas taquigráficas", and in the text I am writing says:  "Dando origen primero al trueque..."
Well "Dando" is written with a d sign and a dot at the end which is the gerund or present participle,
then I write "origen" (o hook on its side [it's Simplified, remember] r - e - j - n.
I notice that I lose speed in the o hook on its side, evne though it's a rare change in the hand movement, isn't it?
Should I write a "normal" o hook [like in DJ]?
Is "O hook in its side" against a normal hand movement, when it comes first?

(by valo1969 for everyone)