Old Shorthand Postcards

Hi, I'm new to the group, but have always had an interest in Gregg Shorthand as it was a skill that my mother had learned in New York City around 1930 and of which she tried to teach me as a child. I did learn a few of the sounds and shortcuts and it did help in high school.
A few years ago I was rumaging around an old junk store up here in the Northwest and came across a number of old poscards from the early 1900's that were all in shorthand and addressed to the same person. I've shown them to few people who had knowledge of shorthand, but no one has been able to figure them out. Are they Gregg or Pitman or some special code. I'd love to solve the mystery and I've put 3 of them on my website - http://www.ashwood.members.winisp.net/postcards/ . Can anyone help in deciphering the messages or at least suggesting in what system these are written.

(by tedmc for everyone)