What Are These Words?

Hello everyone,

I love  teaching myself Gregg Shorthand (DJS). I am pleased with the progress I have made thus far. I've finished lesson 10 and will be moving foward to lesson 11.
But back in lesson 9 paragraph 69, I came across a word I could not translate. Please, could someone fill in the blank. 
Mrs. Hall:
My physician tells me that I shall have to have an operation to remove the bone chips in my right elbow.
I shall therefore have the operation at 10 o' clock on June 15th at The National Hospial. This is only a minor operation but I shall have to stay at The National Hospital as a patient till June 20 for special observation.
I know that I can really ______ to see that the office operates with efficiency in my absence.....
Also in lesson 10 paragraph 76,  there are two words I  feel should be transcribe as "Binder" and "Bindery". Am I correct?
Dear Mr. Stand:
On March 15 our Binder Mr. Bond found me to say that our stock of the initial printing of "The Necessary Guide" is low; in fact he says there are only 5,000 copies in  the  Bindery ....
Thanks for your help.

(by taaliba2 for everyone)