Which Shorthand to use???

Greetings to everyone,
I have just recently joined your group and must say, what a great group it is!  Very well organized and a wealth of information.
I have had a long standing wish and need to learn a shorthand style.  This new years sealed the deal.  I am learning something and soon.
My problem is that I haven't yet decided on what style of shorthand to learn and use.  I though perhaps some of you more fluent users might advise me in my final selection.  To aide in this endeavour, I have listed my core objectives for using a shorthand style.

  1. Take notes at meetings that are normally not too demanding on speed

  2. Take notes and make work journals in a form not easily read by "average" people or those reading over your shoulder.

  3. Make notes in my journals for researching history (cut down on page usege in journals)

  4. Be able to go back and read any of the above in the future years as needed for reference.  Hopefully with high accuracy and detail.

So with that said,  what advice may I solicit from everyone regarding the best system for my needs?

Thanks for reading and replying!!

(by zero_spot for everyone)

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