Writing helps

Dear John,
I am wondering how to keep the symbols off when I copy and paste. e.g. my reply to Series 90. Sometimes I write in MS word and then transfer to the little window, because sometimes the little window times out before I send it and then I lose everything. Or I copy it to word before I send so that I don't lose it all.
Lord should be capitalized.
It has been a good day for preparing to wield the written word. I fed my printer a $30. box of liquid printer food and about a tenth of a ream of paper (aka solid food)for about a tenth of the price of the ink. Now I can print Anniversary pages and 5,000 common words to trace and make my own study aids. As well as having legal pleading ready to file if necessary. Planned to do such a thing yesterday, but when I pushed print all that came out was white paper.
I have just made a quantam leap in time as I just got my dsl turned on today. No more dialup stealing my precious moments waiting and waiting...for windows to open. --Praise the Lord who daily loads us with benefits.

(by gwriter53 for everyone)