Best system for pre-med students: perhaps Simplified?

Hi Gregg devotees!

I am a brand-new member of this MSN Group. I know y'all get asked this a million times, so I'll be very specific with my request.

I want to learn shorthand for Optometry school. In September, I'll start a full-time pre-optometry undergraduate program. It seems to me that I need a shorthand system that: - uses many abbrevations in order to capture spoken lectures
- is flexible enough to handle very technical medical terminology

I reviewed Chuck's comparison chart and past message board posts. Diamond Jubilee seems to be geared toward business dictation. Anniversary seems to take too much time for me to learn when I already have a full workload to memorize in the science classes. Simplified seems to be the choice for faster speech dictation. Will it be suitable for medical terminology?

One last consideration: I have tendonitis in my outer wrists from too much computer usage. I like the idea of not relying on a laptop to take lecture notes and instead, using pen and paper for note-taking. However, there was a posting from a secretary to the Sorehands mailing list that advised against learning shorthand because she said "the speed really causes you to tense up your hand and arm." ( Are there members in this group who've had repetitive stress pain from long hours of shorthand?

Thank you for any input.


(by tbk for everyone)

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