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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!
My name is John Bowdle. I am an adjunct instructor in the Humanities at Tulsa Community College and a shorthand enthusiast. I lament the passing of this functional and artistic form of writing and am wondering why McGraw-Hill has seen fit to all but kill the product that made them a name in business publishing. They also acquired the right to Speedwriting in the U.S. and have all but killed that as well.
I learned to write Gregg Simplified while in high school (1964) and college and have studied the Anniversary, Diamond Jubilee, Series 90, and Centennial editions of Gregg. I taught Speewriting and SuperWrite alphabetic systems for Continuing Education at Tulsa Community College. I am also familiar with AlphaHand and Stenoscript.
I can't seem to get interested in Pitman, but am very interested in learning the theory behind machine shorthand. 
I would love to talk with all of you and answer any of your questions that I am qualified to answer. I look forward to hearning from you.
John Bowdle
PS The "Gregg ovals" appear by McGraw-Hill's name on the back of my Humanities textbooks. My students were surprised when I explained to them what this symbol stood for. They thought it was an atomic symbol!

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