Russian Tea

Michael K., I hope you can help me with a little dilemma. I'm trying to figure out what kind of tea I had in Russia. Before going there, Lipton was all I knew of tea, and I wasn't very impressed by it. In Russia, I was shocked by how good the tea tasted! I couldn't believe that I actually looked forward to having it at every meal. I thought it may have been that my taste had matured, or that it was just in contrast to the strange food (I was going through Big-mac withdrawal), but when I returned to the US, Lipton's still tasted like crap. I've asked a lot of tea drinkers about it, and no, it was not a smokey flavored tea. It wasn't anything special or expensive either, I remember it just being the regular old box of tea sold at the grocery store. I've gone crazy trying tons of different black teas trying to replicate the Russian tea, but nothing measures up. I thought I might have just been exagerating the tea's goodness in memory, but a friend who had lived in Russia for several years also shares my love of it. Also, I brought a box of tea home as a souvenier for my mom; she found it unusually tastey too.

So, I'm still drinking tea--I enjoy Teavana's Ceylon Vithanakade and Twinings Orange Pekoe--but if you have any idea what that magical Russian tea was, I'd love to know.

Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

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