Self - ish Dictation

I've been dictating material at certain (slow) speeds into .wav files, and then doing a minute or so at difn points during the day at work, just for practice.
There is, however, a problem.
Gregg Shorthand DJS 2nd Ed manual says that a certain take is, say, 84 words long. Once I've transcribed it, and used the MSWord word count feature, it invariably is longer, sometimes as much as 20 percent, i.e. if the take was 84 in the manual, it can be as much as 100 for the MSWord count.
How do they count the words for the manual? I've tried counting syllables (3 equals a word or 2 equals a word) and I just can't come up with the same count as the manual.
Or maybe it doesn't really matter, and I can just use the MSWord system count to break down the takes for dictation.

(by sidhetaba for everyone)