You Know That Alice In Wonderland On eBay?! lol

Hello everyone...yes I'm alive (more on my not dying later).
So that Alice on eBay that just won't know the one all you silly Greggorian fiends out there! Well I wrote our dear friend, richandles the other day:
psetus asked:
My question relating to your "Alice in Wonderland - in Gregg Shorthand - Copy On CD-R:
You're joking, right?
richandles responds:
No joke this is a rare version of alice in wonderland written completly in gregg shorthand scanned onto a CD-R. The book itself goes for around 300 dollars if you can even find one. Thanks for your interest.
Sincerely, richandles

Wheew! That was rich! Anyways, so I AM alive...and a working freak at that. I'm about to release another Greggory thingy, it's close to something releasable, but not quite...and even when it's done, it'll just be one component in the "Shorhand Suite" that it'll who knows...but it's real sweet and it's a list generator that you can use to make study sheets to help memorize and solidify words in your memory, like the grids of words in the books at the end of each chapter that they ask "Can you read this list in less than 7 minutes?" and I time myself and say "YES YOU MUTHER!! Not only that, I did it in 4 and a half minutes!! BOOYA!"
So other than that, I was walking to my favorite Kebob restaurant the other day and was talking out loud to myself...yes I do that...(constantly...*blush*) And I was discussing something slightly personal and walked by someone, and thought...oh shoot...I hope they didn't hear anything I said...then I thought if there weren't a way I could speak that they couldn't understand and I thought...SHORTHAND!! Then I quickly realized my folly...but it didn't stop me from trying it! I tried speaking the outlines and brief forms out phonetically! Heh...phew...let's see if I can't regain some respect here...uh...nope, no way. Anyways, so I'm going to continue my little hiatus from the forums till I can release this Greggory demo...but I'm still watching you guys...and maybe if you're lucky, I'll even post a thing or two until then! Especially if you ask me something romantic, in a second generation sort of something about Byron...LOLOLOL. Oh my Was that stupid? Yeah...I'll go.
Until later, do yourallselves a favor and download some good music...start with Grauzone's song "Eisbar," hit stride with Tones On Tail's "Lions," and end with Rozz William's "When I Was Bed" or complete works if you know what's good for you! My way of stealing is bearshare (not ideal, but it Microsoft (except the whole working thing)) And if you can't find those songs, try again, cause I share them, so you may catch me (I'm not psetus there though...just something like "hdskfls23" whatever)

(by psetus for everyone)