Gregg Writer: Duplicate copies

OK, here's what I have as far as duplicates, by year and month:
1917:   3,4,7
1926:   6
1928:   9,11,12
1929:   5,6,10
1931:   2,3,4,5
1932:   1,2,3,4,5,11
1933:   9,10,11,12
1934:   10
1935:   1,3,4,9
1936:   1
1937:   12
1938:   4,12
1939:   1,3,4,6
1940:   11
1941:   5,6
1942:   1,3,4,5,9,11,12
1943:   1,2
1946:   3
1947:   3

That's more than 50 issues (I think it's 51, actually).  It makes a stack about 7 inches tall.  (They weren't big magazines).

As I think I said before, I've paid an average of $2 apiece over the years, and would like to recoup that if possible.  So I'm thinking $2 each, plus $1 each for postage.

HOWEVER--it would simplify my life if someone wants the whole batch.  I can just put them in a box and make one trip to the post office.  So I'm going to wait and see if someone wants to take me up on that.  That would be $100, but for that I'll pay the postage (media mail)--less work for me, less packing, one trip, etc.

If nobody wants them all, then I'll do them individually, but that sounds like a headache keeping track of things . . . still would rather you guys get them than donating them to the library book sale or Salvation Army.

Contact me off-group if you're interested.  I guess if more than one person wants them all it's "first come first served".


(by alex for everyone)