"Greggory" Shorthand List Generator Demo!!

Sorry I don't have time to type...but the time has come for another demo! This is actually a semi functioning program...you can see how close it is to being useful...but still just a toy that can't really help anyone yet. I uploaded it to the "Documents" section as "SH List Demo.zip" It should be pretty self explainitory...if not, read the README...if so...read the README just out of boredom. Anyways, enjoy, and where's my 5 year government grant for developing this? Oh well...see you all around!
PS(etus) YEAH! My car's water pump FINALLY got fixed! It took forever to get the part and I replaced it yesturday...so good things! Oh...and if anyone could, just as a favor to see how fast this is on other computers, could you run SH List with as many columns and rows as possible, all the words selected, and repeat and randow order on and estimate how long it takes for the page to be drawn and what speed and ram your computer has? My computer's a P4 3 GHz with a gig of ram and it takes around 1/4 a second I'm guessing...that'd kindof help me out a bit, thanks! Oh and of course tell me if there're any problems...like REAL problems, not "the printer doesn't work" it's not supposed to! And suggestions are also welcome.

(by psetus for everyone)