Speed is in the Mind of the Writer!!

Just finished reading the Gregg biography.It is very critical of 1916 and Anniversary.
I've read elsewhere criticisms of series 90, and charges that anything after Simplified
(the last efforts of Gregg himself) were just arbitrary changes to sell books. Well in
my personal experience I don't buy the arguments. For some writers the shorter forms of presimplified helped develop speed, while for others they represented too
many penlifts. For some writers the later series required longer forms but less penlifts,and were for them speedier. I view all of the series  as consistant alternatives
resulting from the consistant theory and principles of Gregg Shorthand. All are far
superior to the older systems, such as Pitman. I think the key is use your shorthand
as soon as possible.Don't be too eclectic using distinctives from earlier or latter manuals as these will effect phrasing possibilities. Affirm the series choices of others.
End the shopping and start the writing as soon as possible.My personal preference?
Let's just say 1916 was a very good year!
(by docbandstand1 for everyone)