A couple of interesting Gregg items

Hi, all.
I got a couple of interesting Gregg items on E-bay that just arrived today. 
The first is the DJS "Handbook for the Legal Secretary" by Leslie and Coffin. It's in great shape (copyright 1968), and has lots of interesting information about legal application of Gregg.  The fascinating thing about this book, though, is it belonged to someone named "Mrs. Downing", and using a lavender/pink ink she's gone through and annotated the _entire_ book in Stenoscript alphabet shorthand.  The Stenoscript writing is so tiny and precise that when I first opened the book I thought it had been printed that way (maybe as a double-system text?  silly thought).  The glossary, for instance, has every single work annotated in Stenoscript.  Amazing. 
The other book is "Applied Secretarial Practice" by Sorelle and Gregg, 1934 edition.  I have some of the earlier editions, but this is a fascinating revision.  Also, a previous owner (probably _the_ previous owner) has left a number of homework assignments (and doodles) neatly folded in half and inserted in the book.  For example, there's a typewritten Will dated May 21, 1935, by Ebenezer Skinflint directing the disposition of his goods to his wife Mary and 5 children James, John, Elvira, Dock, and Sweety. 
One interesting thing in this book is the use of color--for example, in the chapters on filing there are pictures of file folders in manila paper color with multi-colored tabs, there are some sepia-tone photos of trains and other things, etc.  It must have been quite striking in that era.  There are some great photos of "Ditto Duplicators" and something called "accounting machines" that look like giant typewriters. 
What a different era we live in . . .

(by alex for everyone)