"Downstairs" - the word - how would you write it?

Hi everyone!
Today I found in my bookshelves a Gregg Shorthand Dictionary - Diamond Jubilee Series; Copyright 1963 (in seemingly near perfect condition).  I thought I had other Shorthand books that I've kept around, but must have sold them somewhere along the line.  I picked up this dictionary at a used book sale years ago. 
Anyway...  I have been thumbing through the pages, refreshing my memory and trying to decide if Diamond Jubilee is in fact style of Shorthand that I was taught 25 years ago.
I came upon the word, "Downstairs" (page 85).  Well, first I came upon "Down" and I thought to myself that I would have just done a "D-N" combination, but the dictionary actually spelled out "D-AH-OO-N"  (if memory serves me correctly, I believe those are the sounds for the characters).  Ok, so I thought I was wrong, I must have somewhere along the line forgot to add the "AH" and "OO" and jumped the gun and just did the "D-N" character.  Then I thought about how I'd write "downstairs" and I would have wanted to just write "D-N-ST-R-S".  (wish I could show you what I wrote)  But the dictionary pretty much spelled it all out as "D-AH-OO-N-ST-A-R-S". 
Do these differences suggest to anyone what version of Shorthand I know?  (or knew...lol)
Thank you in advance,

(by crissy---- for everyone)