Character Dictionary?

Does anyone know if there is a “character dictionary”?  This is where in contrast to a regular Gregg word dictionary that lists the characters in alphabetical order regarding the words they represent, the characters are presented in the order of the first symbol in the total character.  Then each additional symbol is added in the character under it.  All words related to each of these symbol combinations are listed.  For example, in Chinese, there are dictionaries listing all the Chinese in alphabetical order for the Romanticized (Pinyin) words and a “stroke” dictionary listing all the Chinese words relative to their Chinese characters, starting with the first stroke made in a Chinese character.  Relative to Gregg, take “e r” for example.  It can mean were, year, or ear.  Of course if you knew that you could sort it out by context.  However, for more complicated words where you are not familiar with the character, it would be nice to go to a “stroke dictionary” and follow the “e” stroke down to the “e r” combination and find it referred to three words.  If such a Gregg dictionary exists, what is it called?


(by bowie-freddie for everyone)