DJS - McGraw-Hill 1963 vs. 1971 editions

I am just beginning to learn shorthand using the Diamond Jubilee Series. I got overly excited about purchasing used textbooks and have the complete set (Shorthand,Dictation,Transcription, and Speed Building) published by McGraw-Hill from both the 1963 edition as well as the 2nd Edition books published in 1971. I must say that I much prefer the 1963 edition of the Gregg Shorthand book because it contains the answers to the exercises in the back. I was also able to find the workbook for the Shorthand (yellow) as well as the dictation(blue/green). I admit that it helps for a beginner like myself to be able to access the answers in the back to help with my learning. I also enjoy using these answers to write shorthand and then compare this with the well-written shorthand in the lessons. I don't know why these answers were not supplied with the edition published in 1971.
food for thought.

(by shorthandmark for everyone)