Greeting from China

Hello to All:
I have been teaching Gregg English Shorthand right here in Shanghai China during the last 2 years.  Most of the time it is just a small group or one-to-one situations.  A lot of people still are saying something like, "Oh that is useless, nobody is using that any more."
I introduced it to the audience of my four workshops on 'Be a Professional Secretary" organized by Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce to a packed and awed professional secretaries.
"What kind of computer are you using now?"  "Why are you not using a 586 or P1 or P2 instead of the P4?"  They mentioned speed and features as the reply.  Then I asked, "What values a secretary for a boss or a company?"  The reply was almost unimously "Efficiency and multi-functional capabilities." 
If you can help the boss give his work instruction faster with uninterrupted smooth flow of thought.  If you can take telephone messages or make meeting notes at a high speed wit shorthand, would your rather not learn it? 
It is nice that 99.99% of secretaries in China do not know English shorthand.  So, you can invest 6 months to a year mastering this skill that will make your stand out among the crowd.
They were excited.
I will be busy teaching.

(by pmt00132 for everyone)