I have a question.

Howdy Shorthand fans!

I am new to this, just getting aquainted. I bought an antique shorthand book, and found it rather intruiging. I also realized that it seems to be a special book, and wondered if you might suggest to me how I might determine its possible history and worth? I have a feeling it is rather special, and am not neccessarily really looking to sell it, although, perhaps I might. I am actually a real sucker for old books, and obsess over their histories. Anyone know anything about this type of thing?
It is entitled:
Greg Shorthand:
Anniversary Edition
Copyright: 1893, 1901 by John R Gregg
Copyright: 1916, 1929 by the Gregg Publishing Company
Copyrighted in USA, Great Britain and Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.The book is deep brownish purple, and is a little worn on the corners, while the binding is in perfect order, with no wear for the worse.
Is this a find, or is it just another ole book?

(by got_crow for everyone)