Just Starting Out . . .

As a bit of background. I'm a former programmer who types 80 WPM. I have no idea what my longhand writing speed is (but I'd love to find out). I'm in law school now and finding that having a computer at my disposal when studying is way too distracting (courtesy of the Internet). My fundamental goal is to write at least as fast as I type (which I understand is not that fast).

When I was a teenager (Reagan Era), I thought it would be neat to learn shorthand--but obviously I did not. I have Series 90 sitting beside me, and I've asked my Mom if she still has her old book that I might have (I think it might be Simplified, but the book on the Werelight website looks like that version is it).

So, here I am planning to try to self-teach myself shorthand. This leaves me with a couple of questions.

1. Which version will be optimal for me to learn? A version where I could transition to another version if needs be would be fine.

2. Is it wise to self-teach, or should I find a tutor?

Any other tips for the absolute neophyte would be greatly appreciated.

Ben Wilson

(by dausha7734 for everyone)