ACSII Gregg Shorthand (AGS)

The following is a great proposal by Andrew for AGS.  Are there any problems with this system?  Is it complete?  I can see how a standardized version of 'ACSII Gregg Shorthand' could be a very beneficial thing therefore I am calling on all Gregg gurus to comment on this document.
AGS - ASCII Gregg Shorthand
     In order to make a standard ASCII form for Gregg Shorthand, I had to represent each character with a single stroke.  Therefore, th could not be used to represent th, as it would be t and an h dot.  Instead, I use q, an otherwise unused stroke.  To express -ing, an h is placed at the end of the word.

k k
g g
r r
l l
n n
m m
t t
d d
q over th
p p
b b
f f
v v
c ch
j j
s s
w sh
S left s
Q under th
h h
N ng
M nk
a a
e e
o o
u u
eu eu
ou ou
oe oe
ai ai
ia ia
ea ea
A reversed a
E reversed e
< reversed a loop
> reversed u loop
{ a loop
} e loop
* diacritic dot
^ diacritic dash
_ diacritic underline
= capital
& nd
D dn
F dm
G md
J jnt
D dv
Y td
W mn
x x
X xes
\ ses
O o on its right side
U u on its right side
# raised over th
P us single stroke
+ short space (to express "of the" in Pre-Ann.)
/ intersection
| word-ending (makes the next outline appear underneath the preceding outline)
@ word-beginning (makes the preceding outline appear above the next outline)

This makes a transcription that looks like this:
    17. dS q mOr uev OnU hP & lot lb du Onq
25# oqsWq. q hP nedS pa&h $q D&S sa q rUf leks
evF t ranS. efuuw P tu renU q mOr f Qe }rS uel
duso eful pa& q hP & put On h nU rUf.  qsl nw tS
bh leSt fq tem oq mOr. efurn lh Yu qs uewv tusk
u tu ara tutakka oq mOr en t bks du. ur 
The English form is thus:  
     17.  Dear Sir:  The mortgage we have on your house and lot will be due on the
25th of this month.  The house needs painting and the tenants say the roof leaks
every time it rains.  If you wish us to renew the mortgage for three years we will
do so if you will paint the house and put on a new roof.  This will insure its
being leased for the term of the mortgage.  If you are not willing to do this we shall have to ask
you to arrange to take care of the mortgage when it becomes due. 

 from Gregg Speed Studies, 1917; page 58
(AGS - was developed by Andrew Owen)

(by jasonstracner2 for everyone)