Interest for Comprehensive Site?

By way of brief introduction, I am a former software engineer and present law student. I kick myself that I did not learn Gregg in school. While it would have been Series 90, it would be better than I am now--on Lesson 3 of the Simplified.

While I type up to 150 WPM, I'm stuck "walking" with longhand. This makes it difficult as a law clerk when I am given a list of tasks by a guy who has been in the business long enough to have gotten used to rattling off instructions expecting them to be taken verbatim. Also, using a laptop in class is too tempting--when I get bored I code or surf. So, I am hoping to use Gregg to help me take notes and keep up at work.

The Offer:

I have seen the Angelfishy site and am very impressed. I also have joined this forum as well. I am learning quite a bit in the process. I would like to contribute using what skills and resources I have. However, I do not want to offend anyone in the process.

The goal would be to give Gregg enthusiasts a home that encourages others to come in and stay a while. Computer/mechanical means of dictation don't work in a power outage, and they are too bulky to put in your pocket.


I lease web server space from This gives me 3GB of storage. When I finish migrating my 3 sites to that server, I will probably use less than 100 MB. I would like to offer some of the space as a comprehensive home for Gregg enthusiasts.

This would include a web site and discussion--either email or web-based forum. There is an MSN group, and a Yahoo! group. Why not try to bring them together?

The web site is managed using wiki-based software, but will have authentication to mitigate wiki-spam. In a nutshell, if you can write an email, you have the skills requisite to post and maintain content on this site. I was hoping to extend the authority to manage content to those who are interested in so doing.

As the Angelfishy site is already very good, if there is acceptance of my offer, I would like to port that content and use the theme--I don't think I could have done a better job.

If there are people who are skilled and want to teach others, I have installed software designed for teaching online. (My wife was considering teaching web design.) I may be useful.


I tend to volunteer to support causes I believe in. I presently administer four sites for four different groups (and a couple for myself). Administration to me is a quasi-passive management of the site. I build online homes for different interest groups to call home. I leave it to others to manage the actual content. I handle the technical issues. That way, I can support more groups without overextending myself.

I would like to do the same for Gregg.


(by dausha7734 for everyone)