shorthand history systems

Hello everybody!

It's been very interesting to browse through some of the posts on this group. My interest in shorthand was greatly increased by reading E H Butler's History of British Shorthand which was published by Pitman in the early 1950's and articles in the online encycopedias Wickepedia and 1911 Britannica.

Butler rates Kingsford's Oxford Shorthand but reckons it was very hard to learn because it was not explained with the true novice in mind. [Gregg seems to have been very good in this regard judging from the Pre-Ann manual]. Cross's Eclectic appears to be a very powerful system though I've yet to study the textbook yet [it's on order]. Other systems I've heard of and may investigate further - or at least look at! - are: Pocknell's Legible Shorthand, the systems by Calendar and Sweet, and lastly Thomas Natural.

Does anyone know Cross's Eclectic or Oxford Shorthand? I've haven't taken the plunge yet and committed to mastering one system or a modifacation of it!

I'm very pleased to have discovered that shorthand still has some support; it would be a real pity for it for it to fall further from public view. 

(by ironsinthefire for everyone)