Strangest- and prettiest-looking words?

In my strolls through Simplified, I've come across some words that look very strange, and others very beautiful, and I was wondering what other people thought of them or if there were others that should be on this list!

So far these words've made me raise an eyebrow :P
superintendent (s n-ten-d nt)
uninterrupted (n-n u-p-ted)
incompatibility (n-k-p-a-t-b l)
conform (kf-m)
justifiable (j-us-tef-b)

And the ones that I find just plain graceful
handbook (h nd-b-u-k)
dependable (d-pen-b)
litigate (l-e-t-e-g)
short time ago (sh tem-g)
worked (r-k-d)

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)